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Facebook App More Together

Facebook’s More Together Campaign in India

The social media giant's consumer marketing push with More Together campaign for it App.
Naati Pinky ki Lambi Love Story

Why brand Kalpana discount isn’t a Women’s Day gift

This Women’s Day, a women exclusive clothing brand Kalpana announced a discount equal to five times their customer’s height.

Financial Times tops 1 mn paying readers

The Financial Times has reached a record paying readership of one million, an all-time high and a key strategic goal reached ahead of schedule.

Inhuman element of SMS campaigns

For them SMS is direct marketing, a business tool to reach you. But for you, text messages are mostly unsolicited, unwanted and much of an annoyance.
Facebook Stories Ad

Drive business results with stories ads

Connect with people in the everyday moments with Stories ads
Shopping Online

What you are shopping for, today?

Shopping.com is committed to delivering the world's ultimate shopping experience

LG AC ad adding warmth to Indian summer

Every AC claims to be the coolest, but not every AC can make a teddy happy

Mother’s Day digital campaign by Amazon

The Amazon commercial standing out among the noticeable online digital campaigns

Samsung campaign: 360-degree view on fears

This fear ad has been developed for Samsung’s first commercial for the Latin American region

Only Vimal campaign that made Reliance a household name

Only Vimal, Only Vimal…. Vimal. That’s the power of Only Vimal, the power that was properly handled by Dhirubhai Ambani-led Reliance group.

Amazon targeting youth

Amazon shot three videos showing how you can bring happiness back into your mother’s life

Advertisers prefer film stars to endorse their products

That big fat ad on a strategic corner of a street or hanging off a building with full close visibility of a supersalesman of Bollywood.

How Gillette shaved off its competitors?

Did you know that 18 out of the last 20 Best Actors in the leading role in the Oscars were clean shaven?

When brands have their own happiness quotient

Imagine the happiness quotient when an inexpensive box merits attention, with green pajamas coming out!

What ails Nano: Ratan Tata says, ‘It’s the cheapest car tag’

Expectations created for the Nano car during the run up to its production may have been out of proportion with its realised success.

Jo dikhta hai woh bikta hai: What sells and why

They say Jo dikhta hai, Wo bikta hai as in what is seen, sells! Advertisements truly enter the human psyche and become a part of lives, strangely.