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Loves baking, reading books & old songs on radio.

Training Your Puppy: What You Need to Know

It's really crucial to instill excellent behaviour in your puppy, and there are simple ways to do it.

Dealing with the little devil who ends up chewing furniture, shoes,...

If you have a little devil who ends up chewing furniture, shoes, slippers, it’s time to get a more suitable, doggy-safe toy from DILO Pet.

Can having a dog reduce stress?

Pet dogs are always eager to lend a sympathetic ear, a shoulder to lean on, a paw to hold for there is no one more important to them than you.

What gifts people like and appreciate?

Gifts for dog parents are a delight, no doubt. While visiting friends who are dog parent, you can choose from a variety of items from DILO Pet.

Why driving through the nature is great fun

What is it about driving through nature, in the hills?