Romeo is a tiny fellow, barely 3 months old in this world. He’s a pudgy little field spaniel in beautiful shades of gold. You wouldn’t doubt it a bit if I told you that he was the naughtiest one in his litter.

We got him home at just under 2 months of age, wrapped up in a red shawl. He was a delight from the moment he set his cute paws on the floor. It was easier to call him a cat given his level of curiosity about anything and everything.

He boldly ventures where no doggy had ventured before – from the abandoned box behind the hedge in the garden to the little alcove behind the curtain, Romeo just has to know what lies beneath.

Safe, hazard-free, natural fibre filled toy and cat dog accessories from DILO Pet

He loves to run about the sprawling garden of our bungalow and chase all critters he can find. The squirrels, the moles, even the foraging babbler birds are not spared.

Indoors he is a threat to the dolls that belong to my little daughters. They are his favourites amongst all the playthings around.

The younger one has a very special Barbie that Romeo has set his eyes on. He waits for her to stop playing and set aside this doll and then makes a run for it, grabs the doll by the legs and scoots away under the bed where he knows my daughter can’t reach.

Mind you, this is not a chance grabbing. There have been days when the entire family is watching television in another room and suddenly Romeo appears in the doorway with the said Barbie doll in his mouth.

Safe_ hazard-free, natural fibre filled toy and cat dog accessories from DILO PetHe waits for my younger one to notice him – mind you, she’s just about 7-year-old. The moment she sees her favourite doll in a near maul, she shrieks and runs after Romeo who takes off and hides under the bed, playfully gnawing away at poor Barbie’s fingers.

A few minutes later, my daughter comes back triumphant, her hair astray, brandishing a now-fingerless Barbie. And so the saga continues …

If you find this relatable and you have a little devil who ends up chewing furniture, shoes, slippers, cushions and what not, perhaps it’s time to get a more suitable, doggy-safe toy.

The markets are flooded with amazing chew toys that are sure to keep your little devil occupied and far away from the more delicate possessions in the house like children’s toys and home décor items.

One cute exercise is to take your furry baby along and get him (or her) to choose a toy. You’d be amazed at their decision-making abilities.

So, plan a day of shopping with your lil one and buy a safe, hazard-free, natural fibre filled toy together. It will be the best day of your baby’s life – spending time with you and getting to look at amazing stuff.

Safe, hazard-free, natural fibre filled toy and cat dog accessories from DILO Pet