Shipra Tiwari is a counsellor who tells parents “Your child is a Champion!” As an administrator she engages a kid, saying, “You are my favourite kid.”

She hugs children when they come for counselling, believing in what Princess Diana once said: Hugs can do great amounts of good, especially for children.

Her 25+ years’ experience speaks volumes when she alerts parents whenever there is a cause for concern, for kids should not be stressed out, neither they be overscheduled.

“I think there are several things that can be done, certainly for the kids I work with,” she says.

To quote a parent who had recently taken a counselling session for her kid: “My daughter felt perfect about her that day when we met Mrs. Shipra.”

This is really true, as youngsters under her guidance discover skills they had never known they possessed. Parents experience something similar when they encounter Mrs. Shipra, who gives them wonderful parenting advice.

Mrs. Shipra has conducted hundreds of workshops on Early Childhood Education (ECA), sharing simple yet profound learning techniques for spreading education in easy and effective manner.

In recent years, she has dealt with modern challenges like how society, family and religion play role in grooming and spreading education to the kids, and tasks like understanding a kid’s emotions, conception and feeling them.

Her specialization also covers transition from pre-primary to primary; and the challenges faced both by the student and parents.

Mrs. Shipra is expert in dealing with situations where parents blame school and school blames parents.

She says, “The early years are the most critical years of learning. The neutrons develop rapidly and connect to each other shaping the mind of an individual. First 6 years decide the next 80…”

Her expertise includes behavioural issues in the form of tantrums and disobedience. Most of these tantrums, she says, can be treated with the constant correcting measures by the parents.

Her expertise includes adapt handling of situations like Parental Divorce / Disharmony, Bullying in School, Body-Shaming the Child, New Sibling, Change in School and City, Reading, Writing and Learning Disabilities, Bad Friends Group, Substance Abuse.

A bachelor’s in education, and an administrator-counsellor for over 25 years, Mrs. Shipra has been a counsellor for prestigious schools in Delhi NCR including Greenway Modern School, Arwachin School and Parevartan School.

She is also trained in alternative medicine and music which disciplines help her in quickly understanding the issues affecting children.

Hailing from a family of educationists and administrators, she always has had the opportunity and knack for observing, analysing and improving things that catch her fancy.

Schooling at different places – Darjeeling, Mussoorie, Guwahati, Allahabad – gave her the exposure to travel and interact with a cross-section of people, and pretty good work positions at different educational institutions enriched her with some great inputs that she is raring to put into practice with full energy and vigour.

Mrs. Shipra’s website is www.childcounselling which is a G Certified counselling service. Follow Child Counselling on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin, for regular updates.

Podcast on Child Counselling by Shipra Tiwari on Business of BrandsClick on the image above to hear Mrs. Shipra speak to Business of Brands during the ‘Hear Me Out‘ campaign launched on the occasion of Women’ Day. You can also read her columns featured on Hindi news views website