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Maximizing Outdoor Enjoyment: Best Mosquito Repellent Candles For You

Kayasiddhi Mosquito Repellent Candle shoos away mosquitoes at any place so that you can party and have all the fun.

Alpha Aircraft Systems: Best Maintenance Facility for Aircraft Accessory Overhaul and...

Alpha Aircraft Systems provides first-class APU services to protect you from unexpected.

Shipra Tiwari: Child Counsellor

Youngsters under Shipra Tiwari's guidance discover skills they had never known they possessed, whereas parents experience something similar as they get wonderful parenting advice when they encounter her.

Kammal V Kkalra: The Viti Man

Supplychain to Inventory Management, or Marketing Challenges to Team Management - Kammal V Kkalra helps with handling specific business requirements.

Quality Human-Grade Premium Accessories for Your Furry Babies

DILO Pet founders Palak and Paridhi have come a long way from no experience to creating products, developing websites, managing social media, and planning logistics.

Dadu Pipes: A legacy of strength, progress, and reliability

The Agarwal family started their steel pipes and tubes journey with aiming strength, faith and commitment, as a result of which Dadu Pipes established itself as one of the most trusted steel companies in India.

Hear Me Out: Shukla Bose

Welcome to the Business of Brands Podcast by G Caffe. In today’s episode of Hear Me Out, we have with us the founder and CEO of Parikrama Humanity Foundation. It is an NGO that provides quality education to the underprivileged children.

Hear Me Out: Taanya Kathpal

In this episode of Hear Me Out, meet Taanya Kathpal, the founder of a community-driven media platform Eat My News. As a motivational speaker and influencer, Taanya encourages people from across the world to share their stories while also being well-informed about what’s happening around the world.

Hear Me Out: Vinu Chaudhri

Business of Brands Podcast by G Caffe: Vinu Chaudhri, the founder and MD of Parevartan School, Ghaziabad, is an excellent teacher and administrator. Her vision and dedication are the driving forces behind her work.

Hear Me Out: Ratika Kaul

In this podcast, meet the woman with the Midas touch Ratika Kaul, whose sense of fashion and designing led her to create a signature line of jewellery Ratika’s in 2004. She’s also an artist who has many feathers to her hat. What sets her apart is the personal touch she gives to each design to suit the clients’ needs.

Hear Me Out: Malini Kumar

In this podcast, Malini Kumar takes us to the technological world of content creation while also giving a tour to her serene Magpie Cottage in the laps of nature. Malini has been closely across varied media genres, like documentaries, fiction, white board animation and even puppets!

Hear Me Out: Kanaka Sivaraman

In this podcast, Kanaka Sivaraman, the Founder and Managing Director of Chennai’s Hasta Spa and Salon tells us the importance of investing in self care. She says, people are experiencing stress of all kinds in these times, so it is important to take some time out for oneself.

Hear Me Out: Nidhi Singh and Ritu Oswal

In this episode of Hear Me Out, meet friends turned business partners —Nidhi Singh and Ritu Oswal—whose common love for food brought them together. Then they decided to turn this passion into a profession and launched their appetizing brand The SnackZen.

Hear Me Out: Smriti Mishra

In this podcast, aesthetician Smriti Mishra gets nostalgic about her journey from a village in northeast to owning a salon in Delhi NCR. Smriti opens up the treasure box of emotional as well as humorous stories from her childhood, adolescent and adult life.

Hear Me Out: Shalini Jain

In this podcast, Shalini Jain talks about taking inspiration from Ramayana’s Ahilya and Ahilya Holkar to establish a local brand rooted in femininity and womanhood. Hear her talk about building a global connection between women, promoting sustainable fashion, and the rise of homegrown labels after the pandemic.

Hear Me Out: Shipra Tiwari

When one becomes a parent, they are usually not prepared for what journey awaits them as their child begins to interact with the outer environment. In this podcast, child and parent counsellor Shipra Tiwari, Founder, Child Counselling, shares healthy parenting tips.