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Hear Me Out: Dr. Rashmi Sharma

In this podcast, Dr. Rashmi Sharma shares what it takes to be a dermatologist and how challenging it can get to maintain a regular social life while also being committed to one’s profession.

Hear Me Out: Smriti Sikri

Smriti Sikri is on a mission to deliver healthy homemade food Ghar Se Ghar Tak (From Her Kitchen to Yours) with her brand Sim’s Bakes and Cuisines. In this podcast, Smriti shares how she has lived each day of her life managing priorities and finally pursuing her passion with her catering venture.

Celebrate Holi at Samruddhi Resorts

A perfect Holi package for you near Bengaluru, with dhol, gulal, flowers, dance, and delicious sweets at Samruddhi Resorts, Hosur, Tamil Nadu.

Hear Me Out: Shalini Sinha

In this podcast of Hear Me Out, meet Shalini Sinha, whose passion led to the formation of tea company The Infused Kettle. Her venture is rooted in a tradition of serving hand-picked tea blends.

Hear Me Out: Aparna Singh

A born artist and a budding fashion designer Aparna Singh meets a life-altering accident at the peak of her career and decides to give back to life by reviving her sustainable fashion accessory brand De Base.

Hear Me Out: Jhilmil Breckenridge

How often do we come across stories of emotional and physical abuse; and how rarely are we able to do something about it! In this podcast of Hear Me Out, listen to the writer and activist Jhilmil Breckenridge.

Hear Me Out: Dr. Namrata

In this Hear Me Out podcast, Dr. Namrata talks about the mechanism behind alternative medicine therapies and how effective these can be in treating patients. Hear her message about self-love and having a positive attitude in life.

Hear Me Out: Shireen Vidrohi

In this podcast, baker Shireen Vidrohi talks about how her love for baking fuelled her to start her Jaipur based cloud kitchen Better Call Shireen. Hear her discuss the challenges of running a small business and the passion to learn the art of baking.

Hear Me Out: Shalini Aroraa Kochhar

In this episode of Hear Me Out, luxury and lifestyle consultant Shalini Aroraa Kochhar joins us from Monaco and spills some tea about her journey from being a Miss India finalist to launching the forum ‘Women on Top’.

Hear Me Out: Anika Parashar

A few years back, an impressive enterprise by the women, with the women and for the women brought up a revolution with their range of sustainable hygienic products. In this episode of Hear Me Out, meet the brain behind such sensitive and compassionate initiatives like The Woman’s Company and the Organ Giving and Receiving Awareness Network—Anika Parashar.

Hear Me Out: Anuradha Khandelwal

In this podcast, Anuradha Khandelwal talks about the satisfaction she finds through serving people homemade spices. She describes how she runs Anu Can Cook, So Can You with fun and zeal, the honesty and sincerity required to run a quality business, and being a good human inside and out.

Hear Me Out: Dr. Neena Kor

In this podcast, educationist Dr Neena Kor talks about her love for children which led to the formation of High5 Foundation pre-school chain and the perks of the blended method of teaching. Hear her talk about taking a step back and seeing things from a child’s perspective.

Hear Me Out: Malinie Arora

In this podcast, Vaastu consultant Malinie Arora talks about her magical encounter with spiritual healing and lack of awareness about the art of holistic healing. She describes how important it is for the spiritual energy to flow in the right direction and advises future healers to work with honesty and sincerity.

Hear Me Out: Anamika

In this podcast, psychologist Anamika talks about what led her to this field and the lack of support for mental health she has witnessed over time. She tells us how this silence motivated her to start the initiative Let’s Heal, and how her experience now as a psychologist has been fruitful and rewarding.

Hear Me Out: Jehanara Wasi

In this podcast, writer and editor Jehanara Wasi talks to us about her love for books, her foray into publishing, and offers words of wisdom for people looking to build a career in publishing.

Hear Me Out: Palak Khetan

In this podcast, entrepreneur Palak Khetan talks about what motivated her to form Delhi Co and provide a space for start-ups to grow and empower small businesses. She takes us through a day in her life and tells us what it means to work in real estate as a woman.