Madhureeta Anand: We don’t protect women-children

Madhureeta Anand uses her films to end violence against women & children
Ami Shroff

Ami Shroff: Guest preference is my priority

Ami Shroff is Head Mixologist for London Taxi gastro pub

I am the Mother of Rampur: Noor Bano

Rampur people still see us with same respect and honour, says Noor Bano
JJ Valaya fashion designer in conversation with G Caffe

Fashion is not about clothes: JJ Valaya

Fashion cannot rest on one period of time and then think that everyone else would change around it. It has to change.
Karan Dua of Dil Se Foodie

Karan Dua is Dil Se Foodie: mixing food with travel

Dil Se Foodie is as much about the food as it is about those stories that surround the food and what each of those stories mean to every food enthusiast.
Daljit Sean Singh

Meet Daljit Singh who almost killed Govinda

Daljit has strongly emerged as the newest face in the world of glamour.

Get life coaching from Nidhi Sharma

Emotional Intelligence & Personal Branding Coach
R V Ramani

R.V.Ramani on camera and the art of filmmaking

Experience of his films is essentially fiction
Murtaza Ali

Film Critic Murtaza Ali Khan

Critic Murtaza Ali on the art of reviewing films
Ruchita Dar Shah

Success story of Moms Club’s Ruchita Dar Shah

She says, "I personally believe a happy mother makes a Happy child."
Dr. Biswa Bhusan Dash

Gyne Laparoscopic Surgeon BB Dash on fibroids

A Gyne Laparoscopic Surgeon, Dr. Dash has done several laparoscopic hysterectomies