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Wings To Fly: Book Launch Campaign

WINGS TO FLY book by Deepak Sharma was released with meticulous planning and timely execution of ideas.

Ultimately we all live for happiness: Deepak Sharma

Deepak Sharma has been selflessly immersed in the acts of social services and charity. He incorporates all these rich experiences in his book Wings to Fly.

Wings To Fly by Deepak Sharma

Deepak Sharma has left a remarkable imprint wherever he has travelled and whoever he has met. In fact, the book Wings to Fly is the result of the same.

Herbal Stain Remover for Hospitals, Hotels

Kayasiddhi Herbal Stain Remover is especially curated to meet the growing demand of quick solutions in the health and hospitality industry

ISHRAE launching 40th Anniversary Celebrations on Dec 9

HVAC major ISHRAE launching year-long celebrations leading to its 40th Anniversary.

Film Review: Yeh Ballet

You have to see the two gifted dancers - Achintya Bose and Manish Chauhan, in Netflix film Yeh Ballet.

Nature is healing, let’s heal our souls too

A tiny pimple, a pigmentation spot or a bunch of hair fall would mean so much to a person who has been very cautious of their skincare.

Oriflame says Magnetista is a secret weapon for women

Want to look irresistible and always in control? Then you probably know the importance of getting people’s attention, says Oriflame.

The She we need to See

She is aired at a time when there’s a lot of skepticism regarding Netflix content, especially from mainstream Indian entertainment industry.

Aparna Singh: De__ Base has kept my spirits alive

Aparna Singh, a graduate from NIFT & founder of accessories label De__ base, talks about the struggles of local artists, and how she has kept her spirits alive.

Bitter Battle Over Rasgulla

A Bengali and his neighbouring State Odisha argue that rasgulla was invented by them, as sweet and bitter debate continues.

Why brand Kalpana discount isn’t a Women’s Day gift

This Women’s Day, a women exclusive clothing brand Kalpana announced a discount equal to five times their customer’s height.

Grey areas remain unexplored in Four More Shots Please

Four More Shots Please!, or what is being referred to as the Indian version of one of the most celebrated American...

YouTube helps you learn new skills

How YouTube can help people develop their careers and grow their businesses

Google Plus says it makes branding easy

Google Plus (also known as Google+) is a social networking service from Google

Facebook: We’re committed to clean, renewable energy

Facebook's data centres around the world are committed to clean energy