After storm there is a rainbow. After sunset there is sunrise. Likewise there is always spring after winter.

So, how are you all gearing up for the liberation after the lockdown? What is the worst skin problem which got aggravated during this lockdown?

A tiny pimple, a pigmentation spot or a bunch of hair fall would mean so much more to people who have otherwise been very cautious of their skincare.

Hair Care during lockdown

Hair growth is a major concern for many, especially the ones who regularly get threading and waxing done. It is important to understand that hair growth is a natural process and you are not alone in this. In a rush, it is advised not to experiment with alternative hair removal ideas without an expert’s supervision.

And if you are concerned about taking care of your hair, oil preferences, and colouring, hear this podcast which tells you to explore the opportunity to apply hair oil especially on hair that have gone through chemical treatments like hair colour, straightening or smoothening.

Skin Care during lockdown

During the lockdown, the skin has had its time to heal. It has been exposed to a break that one would have otherwise not taken.

Therefore, it is important to understand your limitations during lockdown, and do your bit by keeping your skin clean and hydrated.

Cleanse your skin regularly, especially the areas with excess hair growth. Remember, avoiding that may lead to bacterial infections and cause serious problems later.

Start moisturizing your skin and give it the care it deserves. Switch to a healthier lifestyle and diet plan, and drink ample water.

Utilize the last days of lockdown to cleanse your pallet and pamper your skin. Let’s bring out the confident you, by hearing this podcast for the tips to keep your skin glowing.

Lip Care during lockdown

In this podcast, dermatologist Dr. Rashmi Sharma shares quick tips for lip care. She tells you how ghee, coconut oil and sugar can be used to rejuvenate our lips.

“Coconut oil can be used as moisturizer and as such you can avoid using petroleum jelly,” she says, adding, “Lip filler treatment is good for hydration.”

We are still left up with more days of lockdown. How about sticking to your day and night care regime in a stricter manner! And yes, don’t forget your UV guard. You must continue your daily anti-ageing cream as well, says Dr. Rashmi Sharma.