Alpha Aircraft Systems is the best maintenance facility that handles the entire overhaul of aircraft accessories. Their speciality and area of strength is Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) maintenance for all kinds of aircraft.

Its APU experience covers all aspects of daily flying or backup. “We’ve got all the APU know-how you need, which is why airlines choose us as their maintenance partners,” says the company General Manager Israel Leppe.

“We know what we’re doing when it comes to auxiliary power unit maintenance because we have an extensive experience. Whether it’s testing, fixing, overhauling, or getting a new APU up and running, you can trust us to get the job done right. Plus, we offer a bunch of 24/7 maintenance plans that are super cost-effective,” he says.

Israel Leppe leads through his actions, accountability, innovation, and is passionate about the aviation industry. An APU expert that he is, Israel Leppe knows how to support customers and team members alike. “Our state-of-the-art engineers offer in-service support to commercial and military customers. In the aerospace industry, we specialize in high performance plasma spraying and professional welding,” he adds.

APU repair overhaul maintenance facility Alpha Aircraft Systems

The company performs repair and overhaul services on a wide range of aircraft parts, including generators, hydraulic and pneumatic units, CSDs, and fuel system related parts, among others.

Approvals for Alpha Aircraft Systems include Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Directorate General of Civil Aviation of India (DGCA).

As an aviation accessory overhaul and repair shop, Alpha Aircraft Systems began its journey in 1995. An important and growing part of its business is today dedicated to APU repair and overhaul services, which the company began in 2009. Currently the company specializes in the GTCP85, GTCP36, TSCP700, APS2000, APS-320, SAFIR 5K/G-MI, RE-22, JT-50, series APUs, with an extensive parts inventory for all variants of these models.

While Alpha Aircraft Systems ensures field service and training for its APU clients, the company also has APUs for sale, exchange and lease on short notice.

Alpha Aircraft Systems at MRO Asia, MRO America, PB Expo, Heli Expo, Singapore Airshow, Heli Expo
In the recent times, Alpha Aircraft Systems has showcased its aircraft maintenance and repairing abilities at the MRO Asia, MRO America, PB Expo, Heli Expo, Singapore Airshow, and Heli Expo, regarding which General Manager Israel Leppe says, is a testament to ‘our team’s hard work and dedication, and we’re excited to continue reaching new heights’.

The Leppe Family, who owns Alpha Aircraft Systems, is dedicated to producing high-caliber work and upholding moral principles. Their motto – “Quality is our dedication” – serves as a constant reminder to provide customers with services of the highest standards.

At Hialeah, Florida, Alpha Aircraft Systems has a full-fledged engineering department and an experienced team, well equipped with high-tech machines to successfully deliver projects of red fluid 5606, DER, CNC, CNN and PMA manufacturing. The maintenance facility is G Certified service. Follow Alpha Aircraft Systems on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin, for regular updates.