This is the story of Ram Avatar Agarwal whose vision, teachings and honesty gave the steel and pipe industry a trustworthy company ‘Dadu Pipes’.

Born in Bawani Khera, Haryana, in the year 1943, Ram Avatar Agarwal initially travelled to Kolkata and Lucknow with his elder brothers, to set up business in iron and steel sector.

But it was Varanasi, the call and blessings of Baba Vishwanath, as he believes, that showed him light and brought him fortune which culminated in founding ‘Dadu Pipes’ in 2006.

A modest beginning with a small enterprise with the name ‘Maniram Tubes’, Ram Avatar Agarwal began his journey as an entrepreneur.

Supported by his wife Shakuntala Devi and three sons Rajesh, Satish and Anil, Ram Avatar Agarwal established the business.

Timeless Ram Avatar Agarwal of Dadu Pipes who steered the steel pipes company to great heights
The father figure that binds all his family members, friends and colleagues alike, Ram Avatar Agarwal is also the trustee at Marwari Samaj Hospital, Varanasi, and actively lives a life of social worker.

A statement mailed to Business of Brands from Dadu Pipes, says, “The company is grateful to have Shri Ram Avatar Agarwal holding the chair, enlightening the members, the staff and the workers through his life lessons and teachings.”

“As we reflect on the journey of Dadu Pipes, we are reminded that every success story has a figure. And in the case of Dadu Pipes, it all started with the timeless Shri Ram Avatar Agarwal.”

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Credited with being the youngest company to be certified by esteemed organization like Engineers India Ltd. (EIL), Dadu Pipes has made tremendous contribution in bolstering the progress and development of the nation through strictest self-implemented quality control.

With sheer fortitude, hard labour and an undying will, Ram Avatar Agarwal, Chairman of Dadu Pipes, has made it to being one of the top industrialists the country has produced.