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Managing your Business Profile on Google

Find and manage your business; Start building your Business Profile

Stay Fit: Say goodbye to all addictions this No-Tobacco Day

Use the present time constructively to de-addict yourselves from anything that you cannot do without, Addictions include tea to smoking.

Dr. Mili: Homeopathy has role in cancer treatment

Homeopathy has a role in cancer which needs to be defined more precisely, says Dr. Mili Siddiqi of Advanced Homeopathy, Allahabad.

Dr. Maroof: Homeopathic treatment for migraine is effective

Unlike conventional treatment which mostly depends on analgesics, homeopathic treatment is focused on treating the symptoms and the disease at the root level, says Dr. Maroof Siddiqui of Advanced Homeopathy of Allahabad.

Film Review: Gully Boy

Gully Boy beautifully captures romance and means of love in orthodox families. It shows the soul of an artist. When an artist is with his art, he is a different person. He is in different mode. And the song Apna Time Aayega is already an anthem!