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Dr. Maroof: Homeopathic treatment for migraine is effective

Dr Maroof Siddiqui of Advance Homeopathy Allahabad

Migraine is a disorder where a person suffers from repeated episodes of headache. These episodes are very painful and often make the person toss and turn in pain.

Symptoms of migraine

A person is said to have an attack of migraine if s/he suffers from severe throbbing pain in the head that is usually located on one side of the head.

This is accompanied by nausea, episodes of vomiting, blurring of vision and increased sensitivity to light and noise.

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People who usually suffer from Migraine attacks can predict an attack way before the symptoms usually appear.

This is because they experience certain symptoms or changes before the attack actually begins.  People may suffer from mood changes, altered digestion, increased thirst and frequency of urination.

Causes and triggering factors

Genetic predisposition, lack of sleep, staying hungry for long hours, anxiety, excessive stress, certain medications and upcoming menses can all trigger an attack of migraine in a person.

A family history of migraine is found in 90 per cent of sufferers. Migraine is commonly found in females than in males with a male to female ratio of 1:3.

Symptoms of Migraine Headache and Treatment

Things to be taken care of

Avoid triggers: Avoid known trigger factors, such as certain foodstuffs, habits, and tensions. Oral contraceptives need to be discontinued if they are suspected of contributing to the headaches.

Foods to be avoided

  • Cheese, soy, smoked fish, chianti wine, alcohol
  • Caffeine, which is in coffee, chocolate, tea, colas, and other sodas
  • Foods made with nitrates, such as pepperoni, hot dogs, and lunchmeats
  • Bread and other baked goods
  • Dried fruits
  • Potato chips
  • Pizza, peanuts, and chicken livers

Homeopathic treatment for migraine

Dr. Maroof Siddiqui of Advanced Homeopathy, Allahabad, says migraine is mainly considered as a psychosomatic illness.

Psychosomatic means interaction between ‘psych’ i.e. mind and ‘soma’ i.e. body, where the illness is aggravated by a mental factor.

Mental stress due to anger, frustration, grief, and likewise can act as a major triggering factor for migraine.

He says homeopathic medicines act on the ‘psych’ of the patient, thus reducing the ill-effects of the causative stress.

“Unlike conventional treatment which mostly depends on analgesics, homeopathic treatment is focused on treating the symptoms and the disease at the root level,” Dr. Maroof says.

According to Dr. Maroof, while conventional treatment only provides temporary relief in migraine cases, homeopathic medicines for migraine promise a permanent cure.

“Homeopathy treats the person as a whole. Homeopathic medicines for migraine aim to reduce the intensity and frequency of migraine attacks, he says, adding, homeopathy has excellent clinical record in treating migraine safely and successfully.

Homeopathic medicines work wonderfully in both acute as well as chronic migraine attacks.

Migraine Causes and Treatment