Here are some essential first aid remedies as prescribed by Advanced Homeopathy Clinic, Prayagraj.

Advanced Homeopathy Clinic Prayagraj AllahabadDr. Maroof Siddiqui says, Homeopathy takes a holistic approach in treating the patients. It is a science that believes in healing by identifying the cause of a disease. It is based on the principal of helping the body to adapt to an illness.

“Homeopathic treatment looks at a person as a whole rather than just focusing on a particular disease. It takes into consideration the physical and mental health of a patient,” he says.

There is a general misconception that homeopathic medicines are slow to act and not very effective. However, studies have shown that homeopathic medicines act fast and restore the optimal health of a person.

In case of acute ailments like fever and diarrhea, homeopathic medicines work as fast as medicines available on the counter. The recovery of a patient depends on how early the treatment started, says Dr. Maroof, adding, Homeopathic remedies are effective in the first-aid treatment of a patient. These can be used to treat acute ailments at home or while traveling. They are safe and work really well.

Doctors at the Advanced Homeopathy Clinic prescribe the following first-aid essentials:

Arnica (Mountain Daisy): It is the most common medicine used in first aid. It helps to reduce shock, relieve pain, diminish swelling, and begin healing.

Advanced Homeopathy Clinic Prayagraj AllahabadHypericum (St. John’s Wort): It is an excellent medicine for sharp shooting pains caused due to nerve injuries.

Advanced Homeopathy Clinic Prayagraj AllahabadUrtica Urens (Stinging Nettle): It is the medicine of choice for burns. It is helpful in reducing the pain of the burn and promotes healing.

Advanced Homeopathy Clinic Prayagraj AllahabadRhus Tox: It is the most common medicine prescribed for sprains and strains. It is also given for dislocated joints.

Advanced Homeopathy Clinic Prayagraj AllahabadSymphytum: It relieves pain and promotes rapid healing of a fracture.

Advanced Homeopathy Clinic Prayagraj AllahabadCalendula: It stops bleeding, inhibits infection, and promotes granulation of tissues to help heal wounds and burns.

Advanced Homeopathy Clinic Prayagraj AllahabadApis Mellifica: It is used for bee stings, bug bites, and hives that produce painfully itchy eruptions which feel better with cold applications.

Advanced Homeopathy Clinic Prayagraj AllahabadCantharis Vesicatoria: It is the most common treatment for bladder infections that cause burning pain and frequent urination. It is also considered the best treatment for burns (kitchen or sunburn) that produce blisters.

Advanced Homeopathy Clinic Prayagraj AllahabadNux Vomica: A good remedy for everyday acute conditions like overeating, excessive working, not getting sufficient sleep, and struggling with a hangover.

Advanced Homeopathy Clinic Prayagraj AllahabadSilicea Terra: It pushes foreign material out of the body, making it the remedy of choice to assist in the draining of ear infections, or help the body rid itself of a splinter.

Advanced Homeopathy Clinic Prayagraj AllahabadFor outstation patients, the Advanced Homeopathy Clinic provides online consultancy and gets medicines delivered at their doorstep. To book an appointment for consultancy, call 8953836671.

According to Dr. Mili Siddiqui, homeopathic system of medicine is a way to immune our body, building resistance in a person and increasing the body’s capacity to fight the infection, and she says, “We are experts of this system.”

She says Advanced Homeopathy works for all age groups and has zero side effects on body.

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