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People want to travel; Locked down for a long

Desire for relaxing outing is anytime very strong, and Samruddhi Resorts is happening at the right time.

Why people use alternative therapies

Dr. Namrata discourages dependency on medicines and advocates developing a healthy lifestyle.

Hobbies to Business

The Covid-19 induced lockdown prompted people to convert their hobbies, skills, and interests into serious enterprises.

Going Digital, Going Trendy

By going directly to the consumers through their screens, brands have increased their efficiency.

Support small businesses

Involve small businesses in local events for services such as catering, decorations, and event management.

Regional Cinema Boom in 2021

With the emergence of OTT platforms, regional cinema is slowly getting the recognition they deserve.

Product placement via Bond cars

Big Partnerships: Entertainment industry is brimming with products from big-name brands

5 Korean movies you just can’t miss

How about exploring Korean cinema? Korean wave is taking over the whole world. You too should catch a whiff of this phenomenon.

Facebook’s More Together Campaign in India

The social media giant's consumer marketing push with More Together campaign for it App.