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Facebook’s More Together Campaign in India

Facebook App More Together

Find inspiration and bring your ideas to life. Decorate the old with the threads of the new. No matter what you want to do, the world on Facebook can help you do it.

This is the new tone social media giant Facebook is setting up at a time when people are coming together despite staying apart and maintaining safer distances.

True, the more you open up to the world, the more the world opens up to you.

Facebook started off as a social networking site where one could connect to the people all around the world.

There were no boundaries on Facebook and it brought us together. However, with time, it lost its basic role to connect people.

People started using Facebook as a platform for hate mongering and virtual abuse.

Facebook’s new advertisement is an attempt to revive the basic message of this platform, as it says – MORE TOGETHER.

This is the first such campaign launched by Facebook in India.

Facebook’s consumer marketing push

When a group of friends comes across a picture of a denim and a sari coupled together, they use all their connections to develop this idea into a full-fledged business.

The setting of this advertisement is also significant as it is set in a remote hilly area.

The background score is a Nepali song which further adds to the humble settings of this advertisement.

The description on this ad reads, “No matter what you want to do, the world on Facebook can help you do it.”

It reminds us that Facebook is a platform which inspires people to do new things and can help fulfil these new ideas through vast social networking.

For a change, Facebook has closed commenting on its new ad posted on its YouTube account. Check out yourself to find that comments are turned off.