Kammal V Kkalra is an innovative problem solver with a track record in implementing solutions to multi-faceted challenges. “I have been helping brands achieve scale and solve complex operational challenges. With expertise in omni-channel retail, I have directly managed Supply Chain and CRM operations,” he says.

True, one right decision can drastically impact the number of sales and orders you receive. But, how can you choose wisely, so wisely, that your business endeavour succeeds, especially as a startup? Why not put this question to Kammal?

Having worked with IBM, AmEx, Snapdeal and Micromax, Kammal helps you in making the best choice to succeed in your business venture. He believes in building a legacy – finding something that’s bigger than oneself.

Kammal calls himself an intra-preneur who emphasizes on performance as a key point in a business. His industry exposure and experience working for numerous organizations are the foundation of his useful advice. He is therefore quite knowledgeable on the subject at hand.

In fact, Kammal embarked on the road towards mentoring startups based on his own experiences and learning. Take for example his valuable and unputdownable book titled ‘Leap Ahead’ which is written in an easy-to-read format.

Kammal V Kkalra - author of book Leap Ahead
You should never be afraid to ask for help where you feel stuck – Kammal V Kkalra.

Leap Ahead provides an essential insight into the challenges and opportunities that a startup faces. It also recognises the importance of a mentor in a person’s life and how crucial it is to learn hands-on.

In his own words, “Leadership and Management are two different areas, and both are important. The major difference between a leader and a manager is the way they execute. Execution matters.”

Why Kammal is called The Viti Man

Out of the many hats that he wears, and the identities he has, one of the most peculiar one, could be ‘The Viti(ligo) Man’.

“About 15 years ago, I developed Vitiligo and since then I have been managing social dilemmas around it. People sometimes will be accepting and sometimes will be super annoying but how to deal with all kinds of people in a witty way is something I learnt,” Kammal says, adding that he also learnt to manage his lifestyle in a way that keeps diabetes in check, too.

Is there a business challenge you want help with?

In the last 20 years Kammal has managed teams of various sizes and calibre, be it a team of 50 to leading a company of 100 people, from a supply chain warehouse level to creative director level.

Get in touch with the G Certified Strategic Advisor right now if you want to add successful solutions to your toolkit or learn more efficient problem-solving techniques. Follow The Viti Man on Facebook, Instagram, X and LinkedIn.