Facebook App More Together

Facebook’s More Together Campaign in India

The social media giant's consumer marketing push with More Together campaign for it App.
Aparna Singh

Aparna Singh: De__ Base has kept my spirits alive

Aparna Singh, a graduate from NIFT & founder of accessories label De__ base, talks about the struggles of local artists, and how she has kept her spirits alive.
Naati Pinky ki Lambi Love Story

Why brand Kalpana discount isn’t a Women’s Day gift

This Women’s Day, a women exclusive clothing brand Kalpana announced a discount equal to five times their customer’s height.
Deepika Padukone LUX ad-min

Lux is 90, believes beauty is all about pleasure

Lux has been among the first to use Hollywood stars in its advertising
Google Plus

Google Plus says it makes branding easy

Google Plus (also known as Google+) is a social networking service from Google

Bhula de Life Ok, Star Bharat kuchh naya kar

Star Bharat is the new avatar of Life OK with new logo, new campaign and new tagline
Ruchita Dar Shah

Success story of Moms Club’s Ruchita Dar Shah

She says, "I personally believe a happy mother makes a Happy child."

What makes a brand most trusted in Indian homes

They touch your life & you embrace them. They become iconic brands & you keep using them passing them on to loved ones.

Do you buy stuff after watching them in movies?

Advertising in movies go hand in hand. Brand imaging is being managed to create value and influence. A look at the Brand Integration In Films.

When brands have their own happiness quotient

Imagine the happiness quotient when an inexpensive box merits attention, with green pajamas coming out!

Get your design registered with India Design Council

Can we think of using design as a strategic element for business excellence and as a key factor for innovation, to improve people's quality of life? That's exactly India Design Council is doing.