LG AC ad adding warmth to Indian summer

Every AC claims to be the coolest, but not every AC can make a teddy happy

Mother’s Day digital campaign by Amazon

The Amazon commercial standing out among the noticeable online digital campaigns

Samsung campaign: 360-degree view on fears

This fear ad has been developed for Samsung’s first commercial for the Latin American region

Get life coaching from Nidhi Sharma

Emotional Intelligence & Personal Branding Coach
Braille Smartwatch by Dot

Dot’s 21st century smartwatch for blind

South Korean developer Dot has produced the world’s first Braille smartwatch, and its features are just what you’d expect from a 21st century device
Ruchita Dar Shah

Success story of Moms Club’s Ruchita Dar Shah

She says, "I personally believe a happy mother makes a Happy child."

Only Vimal campaign that made Reliance a household name

Only Vimal, Only Vimal…. Vimal. That’s the power of Only Vimal, the power that was properly handled by Dhirubhai Ambani-led Reliance group.

What makes a brand most trusted in Indian homes

They touch your life & you embrace them. They become iconic brands & you keep using them passing them on to loved ones.

Amazon targeting youth

Amazon shot three videos showing how you can bring happiness back into your mother’s life

Do you buy stuff after watching them in movies?

Advertising in movies go hand in hand. Brand imaging is being managed to create value and influence. A look at the Brand Integration In Films.

How smartphones dominate our lives

Smartphones market is witnessing a brand war. Every week a new phone is launched. We have become addictive too, being online all the time.
Office Set Up

How Tata, Birla & Ambanis could create team of loyal workers

How could some build big empires, empires that are growing bigger! Tatas, Birlas, Ambanis did it. Where is your loyalty?

Advertisers prefer film stars to endorse their products

That big fat ad on a strategic corner of a street or hanging off a building with full close visibility of a supersalesman of Bollywood.

How Gillette shaved off its competitors?

Did you know that 18 out of the last 20 Best Actors in the leading role in the Oscars were clean shaven?

When brands have their own happiness quotient

Imagine the happiness quotient when an inexpensive box merits attention, with green pajamas coming out!

What ails Nano: Ratan Tata says, ‘It’s the cheapest car tag’

Expectations created for the Nano car during the run up to its production may have been out of proportion with its realised success.