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What you are shopping for, today?

Shopping Online

Shopping.com is part of the eBay Commerce Network. Shopping.com started out with the name DealTime.com which still operates as a related, but otherwise separate website.

The website pioneered online comparison shopping over a decade ago. Today, shopping.com remains one of the leading shopping destinations.

It has a comprehensive set of products from thousands of premier brands and trusted online stores.

Shopping.com has evolved from its legacy as a comparison shopping site into a robust commerce network

Shopping.com claims delivering consumers a superior shopping experience. It offers users easy-to-use search tools, engaging content and time saving navigation.

Millions of user-generated product and merchant reviews can also be found on shopping.com’s user community.

In today’s cluttered online world, smart consumers demand simple and easy comparison features that this website claims to fulfill.

Consumers need help in right purchasing decision, and Shopping.com claims it leads them straight to the products they’re seeking, while saving time and money.


Shopping.com’s mission is to help consumers make confident purchasing decisions when they don’t know exactly what to buy.

For consumers, shopping.com is a one-stop shop for online shopping.

Shopping Online

Shopping.com consistently ranks among the leading comparison shopping destinations with websites in the US, UK, Germany, France and Australia.

For retailers, shopping.com serves as a highly efficient marketing channel by reaching approximately millions of consumers monthly via a single campaign.

Shopping.com aims to make browsers become buyers.


Headquartered in Brisbane, California with operations in the UK, Germany, France and Australia, Shopping.com was acquired by eBay Inc. in August 2005.