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Company Info: Quick look at Rediff

Rediff Company Overview

Rediff is an India-based internet company which delivers digital content and e-commerce marketplace services.

Founded in 1996, Rediff is headquartered in Mumbai, with offices in New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and New York.

Rediff commenced trading on Nasdaq on June 14, 2000. However, the Company decided to delist from Nasdaq in 2016, citing the high cost of reporting requirements, given its financial condition.

Rediff’s secure internet platform provides an enterprise class communication suite to businesses of all sizes.

The suite comprises email, rich presence, instant group messaging and CRM tool enabling effective and faster accomplishment of tasks.

In 2016, Rediff Dot Com India Limited (Nasdaq: REDF) won the CIO Choice Award for the best Enterprise Email Solution for the third consecutive year.

Corporate Profile

Rediff.com is an India-based internet company which delivers digital content and ecommerce marketplace services.

Rediff’s Mission

Rediff’s mission is to provide world-class online consumer service offerings.

Since How Long

Rediff was incorporated in January, 1996.

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Business Description

Rediff.com delivers News and Information, Enterprise Email Services, Online Shopping Marketplace and Internet-based local TV advertising platform. These services are delivered on PCs, tablets and on a wide range of mobile phone platforms.

No. of Employees

Till recently Rediff had 400 employees.

Head Office

Rediff.com India Limited, Mahalaxmi Engineering Estate, L.J. Road # 1, Mahim (West), Mumbai 400 016.

Rediff CEO

Ajit Balakrishnan: He is a 6th batch alumnus of IIM Calcutta. He is a successful entrepreneur, an able business executive, and an admirable administrator.

He had started his entrepreneurial venture with Rediffusion, an advertising firm which he co-founded with Arun Nanda and Mohammed Khan, when he was only 22.

Balakrishnan, nearly 70 now, served as the Chairman of the Board of Governors of Indian Institute of Management Calcutta for two successive terms spanning over ten years.

With his extra-ordinary leadership, IIM Calcutta achieved phenomenal growth and international recognition during his tenure.

Over a period of time Rediff’s market cap has shrunk quite a bit. At the same time Rediff has long been seen as a takeover target for Google or Yahoo.