YouTube recently surveyed internet users to discover what they think of the video resource and and how it helps them learn new skills. The survey was conducted together with brand consultancy Flamingo.

In the ten European countries covered in the research, 64 per cent of respondents felt that YouTube helps them learn new skills that enable personal or professional advancement, making it the highest-rated channel of those included in the survey.

YouTube scores highly on this measure for both men (62 percent) and women (66 percent), and across all age groups, at least 50 percent of respondents agreed with the statement.

YourTube survey skill development

As part of the research, YouTube ran interviews with people who noted that YouTube is a key resource for learning and building their career.

One respondent in Saudi Arabia observed that: “YouTube makes me feel like I have a teacher—a teacher that’s available at any moment.”

Likewise, a teenager from France, said, “I decided I wanted to work in fashion thanks to YouTube. I learned how to apply makeup and spot fashion trends thanks to what I learned from YouTubers.”

YouTube number of users

Me at the zoo was the first video on YouTube, uploaded on April 23, 2005. Click here to view the very first YouTube video.

No matter if you want to launch your business or find tips to get a new job, YouTube is a resource that’s always there to help you grow.

Writing on behalf of Google, Natalia Cano says, “As new technologies change the way people do their jobs or run their businesses, YouTube can help them acquire new skills to take advantage of the opportunities ahead.”

Video is much more than just a source of entertainment. It is also a powerful medium for learning.

“We believe that everyone deserves to have a voice, and that the world is a better place when we listen, share and build community through our stories.”

YouTube has a wealth of resources to help people advance their careers, prepare for new jobs or grow their businesses. More than 500 million learning-related videos are viewed on the platform every day.