Bringing the power of ayurveda to the benefit of people, herbal oil brand Kayasiddhi has launched a stain remover claiming to have miraculous properties.

The stain remover is totally plant-based and promises to take off all kinds of stains from any surface or fabric, without leaving any marks behind.

Kayasiddhi Herbal Stain RemoverKayasiddhi Herbal Stain Remover is especially curated to meet the growing demand of quick solutions in the health and hospitality industry, said Rohit Raina, Chairman of Dhriti Raina Agro Products Pvt. Ltd., which owns the Kayasiddhi brand.

Raina said, “With its dual purpose as a stain remover as well as a disinfectant, Herbal Stain Remover comes handy for hospitals and hotels where there is requirement of prompt, hygienic and fresh-smelling solutions.

Kayasiddhi already has a varied range of exclusive concoctions in the form of essential oils, massage oils, mists and sanitizers. Its oils, namely Oestocare, Double Potency, Masurika, Hair Care Oil, Skin Care Oil and Herbal Surface Sanitizer are special concoctions for holistic healing.

Raina said, Kayasiddhi products are prepared from pure essential oils and are completely free of artificially added chemicals, petro-chemicals, steroids, preservatives, or any other harmful additives.

“Kayasiddhi and the health and hospitality industry share the common goal of serving people with care. The feedback that all our products have received so far is amazing, which prompted us to launch the Herbal Stain Remover,” he added.

To a question on future launches, Raina promised exciting Kayasiddhi products to look forward to this year.

Dhriti Raina Agro Products Pvt. Ltd. was established in February 2019 with an aim to promote holistic healing with ayurvedic products.