Winters are the harbingers of gloom. Sleet, snow, and bone chilling winds dampen every spirit and suck dry the joy out of every heart.

Bleak and gloomy cold cast an evil spell on the earth, as growth halts and the long cold nights muffle all good with their ominous pall of death.

It’s like everything appears damp or dead.

And as if an answer to the prayers of the hearts turning dry and cold, the Sun god turns his merciful gaze to the shivering earth and the maiden rises from its fretful sleep.

When the world comes alive

Basant in its regal yellow attire arrives, riding on the chariot of the melted gold sun rays, bringing the gifts of warmth and rejuvenation.

The symphony of creation flows through all that has been frozen to death and the whole world comes alive to the song of life.

People witness the frigid snow melting and the world takes a joyous breath of bliss again. A cool breeze starts to blow, the little buds burst into a thousand hues and fragrance. The harvest starts the persistent farmers to reap abundance.

Every heart beats with ecstasy and joy, for spring has arrived with its colorful regal attire of yellow all spreading the ripening fruit, blooming flowers, buzzing bees, singing birds and sprawling mustard fields.

Basant Panchami is a celebration

The festival – Basant Panchami – is a celebration of life and its source, mother nature. It teaches that all that is dark and dreadful surrounding us would never be able to stop the mighty surge of renewal that flows to us from the loving and all giving benevolence of mother nature.

Kayasiddhi ayurvedic herbal OilsKayasiddhi is committed to this cause – to be the bridge between nature and humans.

Kayasiddhi – the brand, the vision and the legacy that it has created has always been a part of this pursuit.

“Our incessant mission is to promote wellbeing and rejuvenation of lives in a 100% natural and organic way without any harsh and abrasive chemicals involved,” says Rohit Raina, the founder of Kayasiddhi.

Kayasiddhi has painstakingly explored and adopted from the treasure troves of mother nature.

The herbal oil company has done intensive search into the vast realms of ayurveda to bring solace to the tired mind and bodies which, in the present times, are all ruined by factors like harsh toxic chemicals and factory-bred artificial substances.

The floral essential oils have been diligently harvested with great care, preserving the fragrances, their original benefits, and calming effects. They spread the redolence of nature.

Kayasiddhi floral essential oils such as Basil, Cedarwood, Hibiscus, Eucalyptus, and Lavender radiate the message of Basant Panchami, the happy harmony of mind, body and spirit since being alive is a celebration.

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