World Breastfeeding Week was observed across the globe from August 1 to 7. During this period, brands came up with hitting campaigns to raise awareness.

The World Alliance for Breastfeeding Awareness (WABA) first initiated the breastfeeding campaign in 1992, which is now aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations.

This year, several brands, organizations, and people from all across the world came forward to join the campaigning brigade.

Breastfeeding is very important for newborn babies as well as mothers, but there are a lot of stigmas associated with it, especially about talking on the subject. Read more on this here: Although it comes naturally, breastfeeding is also a learned behaviour

Here’s a look at how some Indian brands used social media as a powerful tool to spread awareness this World Breastfeeding Week.

Himalaya Baby Care collaborated with different doctors for a series of short informative videos on the importance of breastfeeding for the mother and child.

The doctors’ presence added authenticity to the brand and covering multiple native languages pushed the brand name to a greater target audience across India.

Watch the campaign below:

Pigeon India came up with an eye-catching advertisement that features different breastfeeding products and accessories. With their #StandbyNursingMoms Campaign, Pigeon India encouraged young mothers to breastfeed without sacrificing their careers. The idea was an instant hit as it extended support to the nursing mothers in their roller coaster journey. Watch the campaign below:

While quick access to social media raises awareness on important issues, it also encourages everyone to check ones’ actions accordingly. The sad part of the ever-blooming social media however is the short life of its ever-replacing content.

As inhabitants of a community, one must understand that such campaigns are not only for the target group (here breastfeeding mothers) but also for each one of us to introspect individual roles.

One may directly or indirectly contribute to the cause by donating to a breastfeeding organization, sharing affirmative posts on social media, supporting breastfeeding parents and promoting brands that work in the said field.

Let’s not limit such occasions for brands to celebrate but also do our bit in building a healthier world. Only by eliminating taboos and sharing right information this goal can be achieved inclusively.