Homeopathy has a role in cancer which needs to be defined more precisely. The scope of Homeopathy for cancer management varies depending on the type of cancer, stage of cancer and the general health of the patient.

As far as benign growth is concerned, homeopathy can work very well in cancer treatment, says Dr. Mili Siddiqui of Advanced Homeopathy Clinic, Allahabad.

The growth regresses, however, is a gradual process. e.g. uterine fibroids, breast tumors give excellent results with homeopathic medicines.

Cancer treatment via HomeopathyIn case of malignant growths, the spread is faster and life-threatening. Here, homeopathy works very well in the initial stages of the disease.

In the advance stage of cancer, homeopathy can provide relief to the patient according to the symptoms.

How homeopathy can help cancer patients

One of the most distressing complaints associated with some types of cancer is the agonizing pain. But Dr. Mili says that in treating people coping with cancer, homeopathic physicians often aim to stimulate immunity, lessen pain, and improve energy, and overall well-being.

Conventional treatment options for cancer (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc) are associated with distressing side effects and homeopathy can play a definitive role in counter these side effects.

The diagnosis of cancer often leaves the patient with a sense of depression, anxiety, and fear. The treatment may induce additional irritability, impatience and mood fluctuations.

Homeopathy can influence the psyche of the patient and help him to deal with these emotions in a better way.