“आपसे सब कुछ छिन सकता है पर आपके हाथ का काम और आपका हुनर कभी आपसे अलग नहीं होगा.”

Born as Satyawati to a poor family in Darjeeling, Smriti was the third girl child in the family of 11. Her struggles began early in life right from the moment she was born as she escaped being killed by her own father. The bonds between the two grew stronger as she grew up and one day, decided to take a train to Delhi. Hear this Hindi podcast, where Smriti opens up the treasure box of emotional as well as humorous stories from her childhood, adolescent and adult life. We promise your heart will melt and you will have a smile on your face, listening to this edition of ‘Hear Me Out’ podcast. To support Smriti in her journey, visit N. S. Salon in Noida Sector 27’s Anjali Market.

Hear Me Out podcast by G Caffe Business of Brands