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10 dirtiest things to avoid at restaurants

As we travelled with children this week passing from towns and small villages, I carried almost all that we needed in our travel kit but, don’t ask me how I just forgot my sanitizer. Gosh what a blunder!

Though I’m not very finicky about this but still in this trip I really missed my sanitizer. Everywhere we touched I saw dirt and unhygienic conditions.

I kept on screeching – don’t touch this, don’t touch that. Poor kids. We had our good moments too as the journey was a lot of fun but whenever we got off to eat hygiene remained a serious concern.

I don’t how much would you agree that even in good households and good hotels, basic hygiene levels are so low sadly.

To make you think and act, here are some findings based on lab tests conducted by a New York university according to which the 10 dirtiest things in a restaurant are:

  1. Seats
  2. Menu cards
  3. Lemon wedges
  4. Salt and pepper shakers
  5. Tables
  6. Rims of glasses
  7. Bathroom door knobs
  8. Bathroom faucets
  9. Ketchup bottles
  10. Salad bar tongs

…all these that I never imagined to be dirty or unhygienic. So unbelievable…

The lesser you fuss about all this the stronger you tend to become and the more you get into all these the weaker your system gets to be as time passes by.

There was a time when we all used to drink normal tap water and not worry about it at all and now we are asked everywhere if we would prefer regular or mineral water! [Is mineral water really good; what minerals the bottle contain?]

Nowadays mineral water has become a basic necessity and aqua-guards are in every household. Contamination has entered our basic system and we are so unable to stop it.

Well, if we go so deep then it’ll be difficult to eat outside… but a little precaution is good for us.

So take care and stay healthy.