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Film Review – Aurangzeb

There seems a scheme to project Arjun Kapoor as future Amitabh Bachchan, as the movie ‘Aurangzeb’ hints with its plot, cast and music.

But for that, Arjun, who appears to be more than convinced of his screen presence being the son of Boney Kapoor, will have to pick up loose threads from where he left in ‘Ishaqzaade’.

The public hasn’t forgotten how (even Boney Kapoor’s brother) Anil Kapoor was once tipped to replace the Big Bachchan and where did he finally land!

In ‘Aurangzeb’, Arjun has got a double role but he is not ably supported by his love Sasheh Agha, who fails to generate any heat even in the swimming pool where she is introduced to the audience for the first time quite extensively in her debut.

Yes, she does impress as a singer with the lead song ‘Barbaadiyaan’, a  rhythmic feet stomping track. Sasheh needs to justify any more opportunity if she desires to stay than fade like her mom Salma Agha.

Screen presence of acclaimed stars like Deepti Naval and Anupam Kher, in whose places any x, y, z could have been taken, given the brief roles they were wasted with, have no meaning in the movie with a low budget expectations. Tanvi Azmi though proves there’s much left in her as she plays a surviving mother who is strangely killed twice for record sake.

Then, Amrita ‘Mard’ Singh appears more like a Moon Moon Sen than being a dangerous lady influencing decisions of a so-called dreaded gangster controlling real estate in the peripheries of Indian capital Delhi.

As the gangster, Jackie Shroff ironically behaves like doing some Corporate Social Responsibility things. Can you imagine such a character reading a book at night in his bedroom, all alone! He should have at least delivered dialogues in the language of a Gurgaon-based businessman!

Rishi Kapoor however brings out another shrewd man in him, after last year’s ‘Agneepath’. His family full of police officers who are in conflict with themselves is a real surprise for the audience.

‘Aurangzeb’ hinges on two philosophies – that ‘Kingship knows no kinship’, and that ‘Sapna se badaa apna hota hai’ (You can sacrifice your dreams for the sake of those you love). Find out which of the two wins!

Produced by Yashraj Films’ Aditya Chopra and directed by Atul Sabarwal, a debutant, ‘Aurangzeb’ still keeps the audience hooked to seats for the sheer theme of it i.e. the corporate-gangster-police nexus and a brilliant suspense. But why did a Yashraj banner remain content with an average musical score in the movie?

Well, watch out the puzzling case of a disciple when he comes to know his guru is out to kill him! Prithviraj Sukumaran is another catch, and he’s definitely not just another ‘Aurangzeb’ (traitor) as he plays a cool police officer this summer.

After watching the movie, do share if you feel that the story goes awry towards the end. Do you think it should have had the twists and turns similar to Deepak Bhardwaj, the Delhi-based businessman-politician who was killed in March 2013 allegedly at the instance of his son and estranged wife!

* * *

Aurangzeb released in cinemas worldwide on 17th May, 2013. It is set in Gurgaon, supposed to be the most modern boom-town of “India Shining”, the new frontier to be conquered by those who understand real estate. This city rose from a small town to a boom town satellite city in just very years.

Soundtrack: 1. Barbaadiyaan – Singers: Ram Sampath, Sasheh Aagha – Music: Amartya Rahut – Lyrics: Puneet Sharma. 2. Jigra Fakira – Singer: Keerthi Sagathia – Music: Vipin Mishra – Lyrics: Manoj Kumar Nath. Written and Directed by: Atul Sabharwal; Producer: Aditya Chopra.