Time is important. Family time is important. Yes, this is possible but without the phone.

So, go ahead to make time for your kids, friends. And for yourself.

How much time did you give to your screen yesterday?

How much time did your mobile occupy, today?

Screen time is the amount of time spent using a device such as a smartphone, computer, television, or video game console.

Get involved with life. Volunteer, join community groups on weekends, or attend lectures and discussions in your vicinity.

Instead of getting intimate with a screen, you can get intimate with people.

Switch Off At Times

If you cannot switch off now, then try doing it once a while. Living in the digital age is fun but it is challenging at the same time.

People are online. People are available. Yet, most of the times, there is no one to talk to.

Screen Time

Set Example Today

Sit. Take a breath. Relax.

Look for the ideas to help manage a happy life, and the digital wellbeing.

No TV Dinners

Watching TV while eating dinner makes it easier to continue sitting and watching TV after you’ve finished with your meal. Use mealtime as a time when you take turns talking about your day or even planning what activity you will do as a family when you are done eating.

Go Out More Often

And why can’t you go out more?

Go for a walk in nature and enjoy the outdoors together.

Switch off

Browsing To Buying

You can even go shopping with your family. So, how about such caring!

  • Share important moments in your lives with family and friends.
  • Share on your dining table, or while on a dinner out.
  • Share celebratory and joyful moments, as well as more difficult moments.

These are simple ideas (but of course it’s easier said than done).

But, during these times you will learn if any of your loved ones is worried about someone or if anyone is struggling with some thoughts.

Start making a difference today.