Business Coach Dr. Rajiv Goyal is preparing business owners to be confident by following certain steps in tough times.

If you are a business owner, you may listen to his podcast which he especially recorded for you.

In this podcast, Dr. Rajiv talks about simple practical things a business owner should do to keep the business running, and then profit by following those steps.

He has tips for all the critical pillars of business, i.e. employees, customers, vendors and the business owner.

Dr. Rajiv says this is the best time to reconnect with your prospective customers. “Make a list and speak to all the customers you have served in the past but who are not buying from you currently.”

“Call them and ask if everything is good at their ends, and, subtly during the conversation, tell them how prepared you are to serve them,” he suggests.

Click Here to Listen to the podcast and trying implementing all his tips. Find opportunity in adversity.

Dr. Rajiv Goyal conducts online interactive workshops for business owners. If you want to know more as to how you can put your business on auto mode and on a high growth path with 100 per cent success rate and 100 per cent money back guarantee, contact him via his website or email him on