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Film Review – G.I.JOE Retaliation

“Dear Lord don’t let me die tonight, but if I shall before I wake, I’ll accept my fate”

A decade and a half back Indian television was hitched by the animated cartoon series of G.I Joe. Now we see them hitting the movie theatres. The first in the G.I.Joe series was ‘The Rise of Cobra’. The second is G.I.Joe – Retaliation. As it hit the theatre on 29th March, all G.I.Joe fans lined up.

It’s a very high intensity action-packed movie with references to today’s international political tensions between countries. A fresh movie and up to date with world scenario, with technologies used it seems at par with any Bond movie of the day. The Joes are back with a bang and they save the world once more. The most trusted force in the world is brought in to save the country and then how they are framed and destroyed is what the movie is about. An interesting plot with good twists which keeps the audience glued to the screen; action to its epitome and stunts par excellence.

The story line takes us to Pakistan and the Joes killed by their own President. They go deep into the conspiracy and save themselves. Duke, Roadblock, Storm Shadow, Lady Jaye, Flint, Jinx and Snake Eyes fight their old enemy Cobras and also their forces. The Cobra Commander and Zartan are out to destroy all the G.I.Joes and start nuclear warfare.

In all, a very gripping and watchable movie, just lacks some humour and the plot could have been a little different. Some amazing stunts and fights are put up by Snake Eyes and Jinx over high mountains and snow in the Orient. Good to see Bruce Willis in some action.

For anyone who loves action, a must watch.