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Top road safety tips for emergency

Road accidents shatter people and their lives. But how many times one asks these questions –

  • How people will rescue me?
  • Whom will they call? May be the last number called!
  • Will they steal my car?
  • Will they flick my bag with all my cards and driving license and other stuff?

Remember these useful road safety tips in case of emergency 

Firstly, immediately call up someone to tell where exactly you are and that you need immediate help.

Before you leave any place, someone should always know where you are headed to or returning.

This would save some extraordinary time and help in finding the shortest route to rescue.

Secondly, it is important that you do not panic. The moment such things happen we tend to panic and we lose total control. Take a deep breath and have some water.

Car accidents can be very stressful. You have to stay calm and ensure safety.

In case of accidents where there are no injuries, also make sure that you move your vehicle to safe spot without obstructing the traffic.


  • Always carry a first aid kit in your car.
  • Keep ICE (In Case of Emergency) number saved in your mobile.
  • Always carry your identification in your wallet including details of NOK (Next of Kin), current diseases and medication.
  • Call for help immediately as medical condition can deteriorate over time. Some internal injuries manifest over a period of time.
  • Safety of rescuers is also important.
  • Move away from the vehicle if possible.
  • Stop bleeding by pressure with a clean pad / handkerchief.
  • Watch for spine injury. Patients with suspected spinal injuries must not be moved by untrained attendants. Improper movement of patients and paralyze them for life.
  • Avoid feeding or drinking water as this interferes with safety of anesthesia, in case emergency surgery is required. Unconscious or partially conscious patients must never be given anything by mouth.
  • Fractured bones specially in the thigh or pelvis can be associated with internal bleeding and must be seen at a hospital

Now the problem is … in situations like accidents, one tends to forget all these tips. So be careful. You can use them for yourself and also to save someone whom you happen to see in such dire situations.

Now SMILE [S – Seat Belt, M – Maintain your Lane, I – Increase your distance, L – Lower your speed, E – Eliminate distraction] and drive carefully, especially at intersections, keeping your eyes on road.