Being a teacher is a beautiful experience. And as a child, I would always lead the kids of my age and even the elders.

I used to take ‘classes’ as we played ‘School-School’ during the evenings. We had a very big house at Mussoorie where my father was posted as a principal.

Then I was studying at the Convent of Jesus and Mary. We were taught all the lessons very nicely; the activities related to the lessons were so awesome. The best part always was the co-curricular activity and the art-craft that we learned at the school.

And in the evening, I made all my friends do all what was taught during the day. My ‘classroom’ at home was the staircase, which was beautifully carpeted and the adjacent wall would double up as my ‘teaching board’.

All the kids gathered over there and I would pose as a ‘teacher’, wearing a saaree made out of dupatta, and I would also take my mother’s handbag, putting few rupees, pair of pens, a hanky and a very old pair of glasses.

Many a time people laughed at me and many a times they even teased me. But I was confident enough to deal with the children who were elder to me.

This was a mere game of ‘school-school’. I never knew that the same would end up carving a teacher in me.

The sense of responsibility and the bundle of challenge started taking actions and a real teacher actually grew, slowly and gradually.

Yes, some times we — innocently, ignorantly — start doing things which end up as the boosters in the long run.

Today, I am happy for being one and hope many of my students would fulfil my dreams.