The general trend everywhere is to see the bad and ignore the good. The same happens in our movies. Recently released on 3rd of May 2013 was ‘Bombay Talkies’, a movie with a message many did not bother seeing but criticized for being lame and not a powerful tribute to 100 years of Indian cinema. The four short stories with nothing in common and no big cast left a good message which I wonder if anyone registered. Let me explain –

The first story by Karan Johar dealt with confused sexuality issues. This idea discussed sex boldly and portrayed just how to be bold enough to discover the true nature of your sexuality, which the modern generation is facing everyday.

The second story by Dibakar Banerjee takes us to the city of dreams and failures – Mumbai. In spite of the pressures from the family, society and his dead parents, the protagonist emerges as a true hero in the realms of his own walls he created over the time and becomes a real life hero for his family.

The third story by Zoya Akhtar, deals with an issue everyone tends to ignore. It is true as she shows us how the dreams of the children are ignored and they are forced to do what their parents want them to. Just how beautifully the sheer belief of the child rises beyond all odds against him.

The last story by Anurag Kashyap is about bringing the wish of a dying father based on some true lies in reality. The hardships the son faces for so many days just to get a few minutes from his father’s favourite celebrity to eat half a piece of a sweet lemon pickle. It is so amazing and heart touching which had moments when you wished you could go there and help him – situations you feel sad for a God damned half a piece of a sweet lemon pickle.

In totality ‘Bombay Talkies’ teaches you how to deal with all hardships in life with a smile and a belief that you can do it …and all that people could crib about is if it does justice to 100 years of Indian cinema!

Rise people above criticism and see the good.