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ZINDAGI television channel- jodey dilon ko

There is a new wave in India, and it is called ‘Zindagi’. The new channel launched by Zee TV has taken the nation by a storm.

On this channel, a series of Pakistani serials are showcased as of now and who is not talking about them? They have mastered the art of advertising and branding.

When this channel was launched in June 2014, the promos viral-spreaded – every nook and corner had billboards, buses had posters, flyers appeared in newspapers.

The trumpets blew all over, singing the ‘Zindagi’ channel song. And it’s called, ‘Zindagi – Jodey Dilon Ko.

Truly it seems the channel is airing excellent programming by weaving the cultures of India and Pakistan.

Every show on the channel is being liked with a rocketing TRP and why not when this is the first television channel to end two of its shows in a months time!

Is this a fresh wave from the usual never ending daily soaps with women bitching around the house and lives with heavy sarees and jewellery and loud makeup, pathetic looking men and crying bahus!

It’s been quite some time since the Indian television audience is being tortured by these serials or soaps as they are called. In contrast, the Pakistani serials are short and crisp with minimum or almost no make up. Also they have a strong grip on the story. You miss one episode and you do miss a major chunk of the story.

Aunn Zara and Zindagi Gulzar Hai are the two serials which they initially started and you would be surprised to know that both the serials were completed and got over in a month’s time. The ones being aired at present are Maat, Noorpur Ki Rani, Kaash Mein Teri Beti Na Hoti and Kitni Girhain Baqi Hai.

There are no elaborate sets and huge mansions in these serials. Even the rich are portrayed very simply. What actually holds us is the story line which moves very fast. Further, the casting is excellent as all the characters deliver, from one to all. One feels like watching them and continuing unlike others.

There was a time somewhere in the late 1980s when India saw two Pakistani serials called Dhoop Kinare and Bakra Kiston Pe. What a rage… you had to be there to believe how amazing they were and how they took the nation by storm. Now the same wave is back, it seems.

If you have not exposed yourself to these serials yet … it is high time you should.