Skin Care

7 top summer beauty tips on skin care

A regular skin care routine is absolutely essential and a visit to the dermatologist in case symptoms persists or get out of hand! Here are some beauty tips by Dr. Rashmi Sharma for the summer.

How I became a School Teacher

Some times we start doing things which end up as the boosters in the long run.
Deepika Padukone LUX ad-min

Lux is 90, believes beauty is all about pleasure

Lux has been among the first to use Hollywood stars in its advertising

Women are less active than men: Lancet Global Health

Lack of physical activity is leading global risk to health

Cancer is leading cause of death for children: WHO

Cancer is a leading cause of death for children
Screen Time

Make time for kids, friends, and for yourself

Simple tricks ti minimise screen time and love your family

What breakfast means to you: myths & facts

Breakfast means – literally breaking the fast

Tata Starbucks celebrates International Coffee Week 

Tata Starbucks commemorates coffee with a week-long celebration
Ami Shroff

Ami Shroff: Guest preference is my priority

Ami Shroff is Head Mixologist for London Taxi gastro pub
Google Assistant

Focus: Google’s commitment to digital wellbeing

Google proudly boasts it is committed to digital wellbeing
Unparalleled elegance and unspoken grace highlight the alluring appeal of the Royalty.

Focus: luxury products from the house of Tata

Tata brands say it deliver the best luxury in life
Jaguar I-Pace electric car

Mighty Jaguar roars against all pretenders

Jaguar charges through Channel Tunnel for cross-continent I-Pace drive

New Taj Hotel in Dubai: IHCL signs agreement

Tata-owned Indian Hotels Company has signed agreement for its fourth Taj hotel in Dubai

HowStuffWorks is exciting journey into explanations

HowStuffWorks got its start in 1998 at a college professor's kitchen table
Lifehacker tricks tips website

Lifehacker is a guide to working smarter

Lifehacker is a website that curates tips, tricks, and technology
Google Plus

Google Plus says it makes branding easy

Google Plus (also known as Google+) is a social networking service from Google