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Meet Daljit Singh who almost killed Govinda

Daljit Sean Singh

Daljit Sean Singh is a much sought after name for events, art and lighting. His company Event Decor has been serving niche clientele for over two decades and is known for nature friendly intimate gatherings to lavish weddings. His latest venture is Antim Yatra which is also a noble cause wherein he provides all the arrangements to assist people in performing last rites, for which he takes care of carrying the body in special vans to making flower arrangements to organising prayer meetings. Daljit believes, each life deserves its own special goodbye. Daljit, off late, has also strongly emerged as the newest face in the world of glamour and has been taking up modeling assignments including ramps for fashion designers like J J Valaya, Shantanu and Nikhil, Kunal Rawal, Malini Ramani, Rohit Verma, Paresh Lamba. His last Bollywood release – Kill Dill, starring Ranveer Singh, Ali Zafar, Parineeti Chopra and Govinda, saw him as a villain (Babban Pehalwan). His next movie is Omerta with Rajkumar Rao where he plays a camp commander.

Daljit Sean Singh logo by G Caffe

You have been into construction events, art and lighting. How come into acting?

As long as I can remember I have had the acting bug in me and started acting in K.G. In fact my first school’s play had none other than Shahrukh Khan in it.

How did you land in Kill Dil?

Apparently Director Shaad Ali and the casting director were looking for a new face, someone who could hold his own. He came across my profile picture on Facebook and the call came.

How it was to work with the Kill Dill team?

One word – Awesome. It was a fantastic learning experience, one of life’s special moments. The memories I took away are priceless.

How was it to don the look of the villain, the one who looks cruel than Govinda in the movie?

I grew up in the heart of Chambal and I used to character play in my head and when the time came it actually felt natural.

Daljit Sean Singh with Govinda
Daljit Sean Singh with Govinda.

You killed Govinda in Kill Dill for the first time. What was the feeling like?

Did I? I actually used my emotions at the time of filming. True feelings I had of anger and happiness. In the first shot I was actually angry with the direct sun in my face and in the final shot my smile when I pulled the trigger was – I can’t believe I am shooting Govinda.

Your Next?

To be honest I don’t know. But now that people know that I am into acting, I hope to get an offer or two. And I would like to take this opportunity to thank Shaad ali and his team of Kill Dil in making a dream come true. Ranveer Singh said that the universe conspired to make this movie happen and to me it really felt that way.