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Ask Anu how to make your own garam masala

How do you procure your Garam Masala? Do you buy the packed version from the market or do you get it grounded at your favourite Masala shop?

Well, many ways are used by people to get their favourite Garam Masala. Some do it at home, some get it done and some simply buy what is on the shelves.

Garam Masala is what adds the punch in your dish and is usually made out of various spices available in the markets. These mainly include Cumin Seeds, Cinnamon, Cardamom Seeds, Bay Leaves, Cloves, Dry Ginger etc.

This recipe of Garam Masala, which I use from the recipe book by Maharaja Digvijaya Singh of Sailana, who has a great collection of recipes.

So here is the Garam Masala by Maharaja Digvijaya Singh of Sailana

  1. Black Cumin Seeds – 6 gms.
  2. Cumin Seeds – 6 gms.
  3. Cloves – 6 gms.
  4. Bay Leaves – 6 gms.
  5. Black Cardamom Seeds – 6 gms.
  6. Cardamom – 6 gms.
  7. Cinnamon – 6 gms.
  8. Pepper Corns – 6 gms.
  9. Mace – 3 gms.
  10. Dry Ginger – 3 gms.
  11. Saffron – Optional

 Ground these spices together and sieve them through a thin cotton cloth (muslin).

The other recipe is of an interesting Masala by Anuradha Khandelwal who calls it Anu’z Magic Masala.  She makes this Masala at home and uses it to make her Fruits, Chholas, Tikkis and Dal more interesting.

Anu’z Magic Masala

  1. Take six tablespoons full of Coriander Seeds and roast them in a pan.
  2. Take three dried Red Chillies and roast them too.
  3. Take three tablespoons of Cumin and brown it.
  4. Now grind them all together.
  5. In a pan, add three tbsp of Kala Namak, two tbsp of Amchur Powder and a dash of Chilli Powder and Hing.
  6. Add all the dry ground Masalas too. Just stir it around a bit so there is a smoky flavour.
  7. Cool and store.

Now you can make your own Masalas at home and surely everyone will be asking you about your secret ingredients in the dish.