With the coming of summer, comes the season of summer advertisements: ice creams, cool powders, fan, cooler, AC and what not. LG just released an advertisement about their Dual Cool AC which, contrary to the product, might warm up your heart.

In the AC commercial, a father finds out that his little daughter goes out of the house and often visits the neighbouring shopping mall which troubles him a little bit but he doesn’t say much but follows her one day and like one understanding father, asks her about why she comes and sits in the mall everyday without doing anything.


The little girl, in all her cuteness, tells the father that her teddy feels hot at home. So, she brings the teddy bear into the mall for air-conditioned environment.

The father doesn’t take long to understand what is actually going on, and surprisingly when he looks in front of him, what does he find but a shop of LG air conditioners. The family then lives happily in a cool home and teddy doesn’t feel hot anymore.

We have seen bad advertisements, we have seen absurd advertisements, we have seen advertisements which do not make any sense. In the midst of all this, this ad is like a cool breeze in hot summer.

LG air conditioner

Kids have often been used as a target to lure consumers. The girl took care of her teddy and it was the father’s responsibility to take care of his kid.

Every AC claims to be the coolest, but not every AC could make the teddy happy. “Let’s make summer more pleasant for your dear ones. Introducing LG Air Conditioner with Dual Cool Inverter Compressor technology that ensures increased comfort and savings,” says the commercial.

As for LG, it says, “The history of LG Electronics has always been surrounded by the company’s desire to create a happier, better life.” This year, LG is completed its 20-year long journey in India.

This advertisement is a subtle way of telling middle class parents what their kids might be feeling but not saying out loud if they have been raised to adjust; here comes a sweet saying from their side to tell you what they want in this blazing hot summer.