Lifehacker is a website. It curates tips, tricks, and technology. Lifehacker helps you in living better in the digital age.

It’s an award-winning daily blog. It features tips, shortcuts, and downloads. Lifehacker posts help you work and live smarter and more efficiently.

Lifehacker was launched in January 2005. Its mission is to help you save time and get things done.

It says – Don’t live to geek; geek to live. You may try Lifehacker to do everything better.

You can learn tips and tricks for everything from computers to brewing coffee from the team at Lifehacker.

Need to open a beer bottle with a piece of paper? This too you can learn at Lifehacker.

Whether you want to be more productive or just have fun, you can find out how to do it all on

Lifehacker Community

Lifehacker is an online community. It is dedicated to 21st Century thinking people. You may call it a blog or weblog.

The idea behind ‘hacking your life’ is about solving daily problems so that your life improves.

Lifehacker website is updated about 18 times each weekday, with reduced updates on weekends.

The Lifehacker motto is “Tips, tricks, and downloads for getting things done.”

Lifehacker has four international editions, Lifehacker Australia, Lifehacker Japan, Lifehacker India and Lifehacker UK.

According to Lifehacker India, the website taps into all your facets of life including technology, psychology, mental well being, cooking, fitness, finance and lots more.

Who Owns Lifehacker

Lifehacker website was originally launched by Gawker Media and is currently owned by Univision Communications.