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Film Review – Raanjhanaa

‘Raanjhanaa’ released on 21st of June, directed by Aanand.L.Rai takes you down the narrow, crowded, colourful and happy lanes of Benares.

The movie begins with a narration which takes you back many a years into the childhood of Kundan. At this small age Kundan falls in love with Zoya and then never stops loving her. They grow up and his love for her grows to endless bounds. A few misunderstandings later he gets to know her side of the story and then the twists take you over from adolescence to youth, from Benares to Aligarh to Delhi and then to Punjab.

Love as they say makes you or breaks you. So here also loves makes some and breaks some. The love story of Kundan Shanker and Zoya Haider meets Akram and then the not so typical love story of Raanjhanaa takes a flight.

Well, here I must say I’m just a bit biased as I fell in love with Kundan who is played by Dhanush, the average looking skinny guy whom you may not give a second glance totally tears the screen apart and makes you wonder … O My God what was that? Yeah truly he takes the film on his shoulders all by himself. After a long time we see a fabulous actor with such energy as he fires up the movie frame by frame. He is innocently naive and that is what you actually fall for.

Great cinema and superb acting is a combination called Raanjhanaa. A lot of flaws and illogical bits of script, falls short as the cast blows you to the top. As a young Kundan played by Naman Jain (Jangiya from Chillar Party) wins accolades for his small yet power packed performance, on the other hand Murari played by Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub is so strong and so very entertaining. The two friends of Kundan that were Murari and Bindiya (played by Swara Bhaskar)at times ate up Dhanush and Sonam Kapoor who play the main leads.

Sonam as Zoya plays her character well. Vipin Sharma is sort of wasted in the film. And yes Abhay Deol in his short role makes a good impact. His dimples are adorable and so is the character of Akram which he plays in this movie.

The music in the movie is by the maestro himself A.R.Rehman. All the songs are folk-classical based and so they give you a feel of the city of Benares and that adds to the glory. The sound track ‘Tum Tak’ takes you into a world of love, Piya Milenge and Banarasiya are very characterized and soulfully they mesmerize you. The lyrics are by Irshaad Kamil.

Brilliant screen play and superb art direction. The feel of Benares which is actually a set in Film City is worth an award. The director does absolute justice to all the characters in the film. At no point has the hero Dhanush shifted from his character and you don’t feel like he is a National Award winner. He drowns you into Kundan. There is always the character supreme.

A movie must see – Not to be missed, for the love of great cinema and some superlative acting.