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Virtual vs Real World

Do we live in virtual or a real world… ! I open my eyes … I close my eyes … Days come and go by … I tweet and update … the world tweets and updates …

There are people and there are tweeple too. O My God! And ants versus rants as well…!!! Facebook — Twitter — BlackBerry — iPhone —  all over is the same story.

The competition is who gets the story out first. Who gets to break the news. Some don’t even know the whole story but will update for sure. Some will copy-paste just for the heck of it. Some will just criticise the world or actions of others and vent out their anger.

I see… there are also… Right To Speech, Freedom Of Expression… etc. etc. and these have to be used in ‘right earnest’. Isn’t it?

I ask — how do you know what actually happened here, there? And if you believe one party… then why is it that you do not believe the other. And if you don’t know the reality… as to what actually happened… then why do you write about it… just believing the hearsay … as in tweet or update on the virtual world….!!!

We live in a free country and have freedom of speech — I know… but there should be some basis to what people write. It is so easy to criticise anyone who would stand up to do something and so easy to tweet about it one after another like… as if… it is a chain reaction… radioactively… nuclear fission…!!! Copy Paste Is Now So Common… Everywhere.

Also, so very easy to sit on a chair in front of the computer and shoot all left right centre… criticise and down trod all. Many are paid to do this sort of work, I heard.

The reality may be different and a benefit of doubt should be given always. But people don’t think twice before splashing others in the dirty racket of gossip.

I ask again — Who are you to say all this? What have you done to make this world a better place? Show me a single deed of goodness which is not for your own benefit! Have you ever left your comfort zone and fought for others even for one person? Have you?

If not … then I think you have no right to criticise those who do, those who stand up for others in any manner, those who have taken even a single step to make this world a better place. Learn to appreciate the goodness in others rather than finding faults. If not … then at least make your life a little better and spread some smiles.

Appreciate the good and do good for others… Happiness Shall Follow. Note It.