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Wah Taj Mahal Tea – story of changing brand ambassadors

Way back in 1966, started a campaign called Taj Mahal Tea by Brooke Bond. Many a people endorsed it in those days – one of them being the beautiful Zeenat Aman who stood there with a cup of tea in her hand and wore a simple purple suit, bangles, sported a middle parting in her hair with two braids and told the world how the tea intoxicates her.

Then came many a brand ambassadors for Taj Mahal Tea. The first one being none other than Ustad Zakir Hussain who remained the Taj Mahal Tea ambassador for 10 years. With his tabla and curly hair, he made history, or have you forgotten ‘Wah Taj’ !  ‘Are huzoor wah Taj boliye’ ad campaign became iconic.

In the 90s, this ad was the highlight on television and all we remember is his hair bouncing and the tea whirling in the cup. Oh watta combo it was!  Later he came in a jugalbandi with Aditya Kalayanpur.

Then came Chhote Nawab Saif Ali Khan, the Junior Pataudi Prince, who changed the whole look of the campaign bringing in some alag andaaz, great style and attitude. He has been the brand ambassador since 2006.

Now the latest entry to the Taj Mahal Tea Ambassador list is none other than the ever so beautiful Madhuri Dixit Nene.

She brings in glamour, sophistication and love in the new campaign – another jugalbandi of being an actor and a mom at the same time.

Brand ambassadors may come and go but whenever one thinks of Taj Mahal Chai the only name that pops up is of Ustad Zakir Hussain, playing his tabla and shaking his curly hair with his cute smile which said a million times, ‘Are Huzoor Wah Taj Boliye’.

He made that tea cup ‘hazaaron mein ek’ and immortally frozen in memory.