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Film Review – Gravity

The story of Explorer, Matt Kowalski and Ryan Stone is ‘Gravity’. It is superlative cinema with some fantastic visuals. ‘Gravity’ directed by Alfonso Cuaron does not have much of a story but it keeps you on tender hooks as to what now!!!

It takes you into space and makes you float around till the feeling of despair rises so high that you wish to get out of your chair and help them out.

The film starts with the most brilliant shot of empty space and turns into the most spectacular shot of Earth. The three astronauts are floating in space and peace prevails only to be disturbed by a chain reaction caused by floating debris.

Mission Specialist Dr. Ryan Stone who is played by Sandra Bullock and veteran astronaut on his last mission, Mathew Kowalski, who is played by the most handsome man on Earth, George Clooney, get marooned in space with absolutely no contact with anyone.

Their space ship Explorer is damaged and then what follows is silence. The fight of the demons of the heart and mind and the amazing triumph of the human spirit is what ‘Gravity’ is all about.

Alfonso Cuaron has taken ‘Gravity’ to a different level. It is truly the movie of the year. The visuals are such a treat with no regular space fiction movie stuff, no monsters or aliens… it’s just empty space and the beating of a human heart.

The cinematography and the background score are fantastic. The Earth visuals transport you into a different world and the story keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Sandra Bullock has done a great job as it was really tough at times when she would emote only with her breathing. George Clooney as always takes the cake with his amazing one liners.

Recomended – Please go for the 3D version for the real feeling and effects.

Director – Alfonso Cuaron | Cast – George Clooney and Sandra Bullock | Director Cinematography – Emmanuel Lubezski | Music – Steven Price | Presented By – Warner Brothers.