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Only Vimal campaign that made Reliance a household name

The competition was on a full swing as it was the fourth edition of the Cricket World Cup, in 1987. We then came to know it would be named Reliance Cup. Further, the advertisements running throughout the matches were of Vimal – Only Vimal, Only Vimal…. Vimal. Remember! What an ad, what a music!

This edition of the world cup was important for us because it was for the first time in its history that it was held in India and Pakistan — first time outside England. The Reliance Industries, then not known so much as of today (at least to people like us), took the world cup so seriously that it sponsored it in such a big manner that it came to be known as the Reliance Cup.

Every match then had this advertiser’s brand Vimal and its signature tune, its tag line and enthusiasm running deep into the telecast, and truly it also succeeded in proving its identity.

As a result, though neither India nor Pakistan could lift the cup, ‘Reliance’ got the value of the sweats and money.

Even today, you do not have to remember and recall that very advertisement – Only Vimal, Only Vimal…. Vimal. That’s the power of Only Vimal, the power that was properly handled by Dhirubhai Ambani-led Reliance group and its ad agency.

Dhirubhai had particularly told the agency that only Vimal had the most modern plant, only Vimal used merino wool, only Vimal had the best of international technology. Thus the advertising agency lifted the tagline ‘Only Vimal’ and the rest is history.

This ad in particular had the distinction of weaving together such a fine music into it, knowing fully well how we Indians love music.

For the record… the Vimal brand – the Textile Division of Reliance Industries Ltd. – which began with sarees in the 70s, graduated to men’s suiting in the 80s and home furnishings under the Harmony brand name and went for a major revamp in 2007.