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Top 20 trekking training tips

  1. Do not trek alone.
  2. Plan your route in advance.
  3. Never ignore local advice.
  4. Check the weather forecast.
  5. Keep an eye on the sky for any sign of an approaching storm.
  6. Start your day very early.
  7. Before starting from your base, inform somebody of your plan of action for the day. Do not take your mobile phone for granted.
  8. Eat before you start.
  9. Walk at a comfortable pace, but do not take more than one short break every two hours.
  10. Always carry drinking water and high-energy snacks such as nuts.
  11. Even if you are not camping, carry a sleeping bag for emergency use.
  12. For your safety, carry a walking stick, a compass or GPS device, a rope, a torch, and a first aid kit.
  13.  Also carry a whistle, which you could use to scare away aggressive animals and attract help.
  14. Do not forget to pack waterproof clothing, a warm jacket, and a strong plastic sheet for additional protection in rough weather.
  15. In wet weather, carry salt to rub on leeches that might creep up your legs.
  16. Make sure your shoes have flexible soles.
  17. To avoid painful friction blisters on your feet, wear thick cotton socks and fill them with lots of talcum powder before you wear them. Before going to bed after a day’s trek, take off your socks to aerate your feet. If you find that a blister has developed, puncture it at a single point with a sterile needle and completely drain the fluid inside, leaving the overlying skin intact. Then apply an antibiotic ointment or powder to the drained blister and cover it with a bandage.
  18. Avoid smoking, especially during steep ascents.
  19. Conserve your energy by not talking too much.
  20. When faced with adversity, have faith and carry on.