Travel Snacks

Everyone feels the need to snack once in a while. But what food is easy to pack and carry around for a journey is still a concern for many.

Whether you are travelling by train, bus or plane, you should always carry the best snacks to eat.

Good snacks become all the more important if you are driving for a road trip.

Following points should be kept in mind before starting any trip:

  1. Try to identify between thirst and hunger. Water is most important thing to have. Try to have infused water with citrus, cucumber and mint infusions.
    2. Liquid snacks are very important in this hot and humid weather. Chhaachh and coconut water can be taken as snacks.
    3. Homemade snack mix should be carried, made with almonds, walnuts, peanuts, makhaana, popcorn sauteed in ghee.
    4. Finger foods like cucumber, carrots, coconut pieces and broccoli are good to carry.
    5. Cheese cubes and olives also make good snacks.
    6. Boiled eggs, cut cottage cheese and cold chicken salad can be carried and used as snacks.
    7. Whey protein shake is a useful snack, and it can be even used as meal replacement.
    8. Boiled chickpeas, sprouts, three bean salad are other options.

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