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Nutritionist. Founder of Mind Body Wellness Clinic. Marathon Runner.

Snacks to carry while travelling

Healthy Travel Snack Ideas: Identify between thirst & hunger. Water is most important thing to have.

What breakfast means to you: myths & facts

Breakfast means – literally breaking the fast

Festival Food: How to control weight as you eat?

Even when the festivals are over, stick to some healthy tips for daily homemade food

Weight Loss: How effective is spot reduction?

How to reduce weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle side by side!

You are wrong in rewarding kids with food

By doing this we are in a way teaching our kids wrong habits

Our weight is mainly determined by what we eat

We have to be focused primarily on correct nutrition as we are what we eat! Our weight and health is mainly determined by what we eat - it comes down to 80 percent food and 20 percent exercise.

Intermittent fasting: How achievable is 14:10 diet

The 14:10 diet is sensible and can be followed without too much alteration of daily lifestyle and will help with weight loss and weight management.

Health benefits of walking, jogging, running

No one is born a runner, one needs to train the body and mind.