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Weight Loss: How effective is spot reduction?

Nutritionist Dr Pallavi Aga

Spot reduction may be too tempting when it comes to ads that you come across. How many times have you wondered if it is a myth or for real?

People have been discussing over diet as to what to eat and how much. We also hear about fad diets whether it is low carbs or Atkins or Keto diet!

As a matter of fact, there is no such word as a diet, it is all about correct nutrition – the quality and the quantity of calories which we eat.

If we give more calories to the body, even good calories will get stored as fat.

Usually the fad diets which guarantee a lot of weight loss lead to water loss and muscle loss and slows down the metabolism leads us feeling tired and fatigued.

Weight loss
Weight loss should be slow and steady

Weight loss should be slow and steady and should be maintained.

Spot reduction might appear to be effective but after sometime, you do tend to gain what you have lost.

It is, therefore, important to maintain the loss for which you have worked so hard.

This basic equation can well be explained by citing the example of Geetanjali Kaul, CEO of G Caffe creative agency, and Neeraj Bhushan, its Editor-in-Chief.

Both Geetanjali and Neeraj had immense trust and faith in me, and they lost over 15 kgs in about six months. It is important to mention that they could reclaim their energy levels and health back.

Weight loss should always be slow and steady, keeping in mind your body’s needs and demands. What has to be kept in mind that the nutrition guidelines have to be very personalized as each body is different.